Surrender as Method: Research, Writing, Rhetoric, Love

Jessica Restaino, with Susan Lundy Maute (in memoriam)

This essay examines the challenges to research and writing in feminist rhetorical studies in the context of terminal illness. Drawing on qualitative data from a two-year ethnography project I conducted with my friend, Susan Lundy Maute, who was living at the time with stage IV breast cancer, I explore divisions between knowledge-making in the humanities and social sciences, and the stakes of emotionality, love, and friendship in the research relationship. I argue for the necessity of feminist methods and research in rhetorical studies rooted in unpredictability and uncertainty.

Restaino, Jessica and Susan Lundy Maute. “Surrender as Method: Research, Writing, Rhetoric, Love.” Peitho 18.1 (2015): 72-95.