Call for Papers for Peitho Cluster Conversation:

The Suffrage Centennial: Possibilities for Intersectional Memorializing and Coalition-Building

The year 2020 will be an important one for feminist citizens and scholars alike. Not only is 2020 an election year, but it also marks the 100-year anniversary of the 19th -amendment—the year women won the right to vote. This meeting of the moments is at once an opportunity and a concern for those interested in feminist politics and feminist coalition building. As scholars of rhetoric and public memory invested in intersectionality and coalition building, how might we envision or evaluate public memory projects that engage the suffrage centennial? How are we bringing or might we bring this question to our communities and to our classes and students? What projects and course sequences are we, as feminist teachers, creating or envisioning to engage the suffrage centennial from an intersectional perspective? And how might we cast the centennial as a moment for coalition building—one that creates positive feminist momentum as the 2020 election draws near? For the purposes of this special section of the Winter 2020 issue, we are looking for short, 2,500- to 5,000-word essays, that take up the impact, promise, and troubles of suffrage and suffrage memorialization with the goal of fostering new conversations for the next 100 years. Due June 15th


Call for Submissions: NEW Peitho Feature: Recoveries and Reconsiderations

The editorial team of Peitho is pleased to announce a new, annual feature of the journal and to issue a call for submissions. We envision that “Recoveries and Reconsiderations” will include the work of multiple contributors, with each contribution limited to 2,500 words, and will serve as a forum for sharing innovative perspectives on and application of existing feminist work, as well an incubator for new feminist research projects.

The deadline for submissions for the first “Recoveries and Reconsiderations,” which we intend to include in Volume 22, No. 3 (March/April 2020), is September 1, 2019.


Call for Papers: Transgender Rhetorics

Please consider submitting work to this fabulous special issue of Peitho on Transgender Rhetorics edited by GPat Patterson (Kent State University at Tuscarawas) & K.J. Rawson (College of the Holy Cross)

Putting emerging tradition of trans-­specific inquiry in Rhetorical Studies into conversation with the Coalition’s gender­-expansive focus on feminist inquiry, we invite contributions to a special issue of Peitho focused on Transgender Rhetorics.

All submissions should be emailed to both editors—GPat Patterson ( and K.J. Rawson (—by August 15th, 2019