Anticipating the Unknown: Postpedagogy and Accessibility

Stephanie Phillips and Dr. Mark Leahy

Abstract: This article articulates postpedagogy through a feminist disabilities studies (FDS) lens. FDS asks us to interrogate, reshape, and “reimagine” (Garland-Thomas 2005) how bodies interact with one another and their environment and emphasizes how language shapes this environment. It is important to incorporate FDS in postpedagogical classrooms because a pedagogy that seeks to “disequilibrate” (Santos & McIntyre 2016), “risk” (Rickert 2007), and create “uncertainty” (Lynch 2013) has the potential to create barriers for students with mental illnesses and trauma and further reinforce the systems of power that lead many of these students to leave school before finishing their degrees.

Keywords: postpedagogy, pedagogy, feminist disability studies, safe spaces, trigger warnings, accessibility

Anticipating the Unknown

Phillips, Stephanie and Mark Leahy. "Anticipating the Unknown: Postpedagogy and Accessibility." Peitho 20.1 (2017): 122-143.